Thursday, July 10, 2008

Possibilities and Carpet

I may have a job possibility: one of Mom's bosses - she has 4 - asked about me this morning. He later told Mom he couldn't find my application, and wanted me to go down and fill out another, which I did - its only a mile. Sounds promising. Another of her bosses said she would get it. I don't know that I want to work at a newspaper place really bad, but it would be better than nothing.

Vicki and Steve picked up some new carpet for their bedroom, and since we have a carpet installer in the family - Dad - they called on him to lay it. I have helped him a lot in the past - not good enough to do it on my own - so I helped. I figured it was volunteer, but they insisted on giving Dad and I both money and said if we didn't take it, they would get us gift cards, so I came away $40 richer than I was before. :-)

In other news, B. Hussein Obama thinks we all need to learn Spanish. What about all the Chinese, and other people over here? Sounds like he is really going after the Hispanic vote. I am a firm believer if people come to the US to live, then learn English - and I feel the same about people going to any country - learn THEIR language, don't expect the country to learn yours! Wonder how many languages B. Hussein Obama knows.........

My good friend Cindy goes on quite a bit about the Booth Brothers. I have to agree with her - they are awesome. I am still impressed with the concert we went to of theirs', and hope to see them again before I get much older. :-) Speaking of which, I got a very good deal on an older CD of theirs' on Ebay, One of His Own, unfortunately a pre-Jim Brady CD, but from the sound clips I listened to on Amazon, it sounds like a pretty good CD. Cindy, I'd loan it to you if I were still in Indiana. :-) And phooey on the people who comment on your blog about your liking them. :-) Just a few short weeks til their new CD comes out! Hope I can afford it when it does!

Speaking of affording things, I have decided I want the Zondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia set - 5 big books. CBD is selling them for $59.99, 65% off retail. I found a new set on Ebay starting out at $24.99 with $6 or $7 shipping - don't know how high they will go. I am torn - I'd like to buy them, but don't know if I should with my limited funds.

I have been into the Christian Bookstore where I used to work a few times since I came back, mainly to chat with a former co-worker Kimmy and I are both fond of. The place looks worse than when Kimmy and I worked there. These people stack books everywhere. And now they own 2 stores and split shipments, and put books going to that store right in front of the check-out counter. There is still room to check-out, but good grief! And the counters are covered with books and all kinds of stuff - it amazes me that anyone would shop there! I did get a book there today that looks good by William Bennett for $5, America the Last Hope, or something like that.

Well, I may as well close while I am at a loss for words, before I find them and rattle on like I so often do. :-)


Cindy said...

Hey, Mark! It isn't often I get mentioned in someone's blog post :) Makes me feel very important! I am glad that we share fan-ship of the Booth Brothers...thanks for the encouragement to ignore those who would poke fun...I still stay that's one of the best concerts I've ever been to. And I would go again in a heartbeat!
Glad to read your blog and get caught up on your life. Come see us sometime!