Sunday, June 29, 2008


Today was my first official Sunday back in my home church to stay, and I have to admit, it felt good. They are doing the Sunday School class a bit differently. Instead of having one teacher, they have someone in charge, and different people are given topics to speak on for one or more Sundays. My dad has Biblical Families for about 4 weeks later in the year.

Today was the VBS program, and what can I say, I was impressed. There seems to be a repeating message I needed to hear about answering God's call, and letting God use us, no matter how small our talent. It was even the topic of the message this evening. The young people were given charge of the service - teens and early 20's. They led the singing, chaired the service, took up the offering, played for the singing and offertory, did the special song, and preached. Very good service. Several people told me it was good to have me back home, and that was nice to hear. On the flip side, several people also asked me where I was working, and that isn't so good. :-)

Church is important, and though my time in Indiana was well spent and I think God used that time to teach me some things, I never felt at home in the church there. Don't get me wrong: it is a great church, Bro Sankey is a great preacher, and there are some great people there, but I never really got to know many of the people. I felt like a visitor most of the time, and part of the blame lies with me for not being more outgoing, but I feel I digressed spiritually, or maybe not so much digressed as retreated inside of myself. I never testified or really entered into the service, but more or less observed, and no one really got after me if I missed a service. I do appreciate the people there that did make an effort to make me feel welcome.

No church is perfect. Faith Mission could teach Salem church a few things, and vice versa. :-) I am still impressed with the emphasis given to their school at Faith Mission, whereas at Salem. it isn't talked about much - I think because there are so many people home schooling in the church they don't want to offend them or make them feel left out. Give me a break! So my hat is off to Faith Mission for their emphasis in that area, and a couple others they out do my church in, so my Faith Mission readers, I am not out to bash the church there at all. :-)

The zoo trip is still on for tomorrow, in spite of threatening rain showers. Right now it is 30 and 40% chance, depending on the time of day. It should be fun, no matter what.


krledu said...

Hey,saw you comment on my blog. I guess you have moved back already. I am coming home today. I did get to play Rook and I found someone who bids just as "bad", I mean high as you do. I miss playing with all you guys. Btw, I have still have your Karen Kingsbury book that I borrowed. How can I get it back to you?

Cindy said...

What?!? No one ever got after you for missing services? What am I...chopped liver? JK!

Glad you made it safely...and hope you have a good week with your family!