Friday, June 13, 2008

Out On Top

Last night was the last time for Rook with our four regulars. We went to Texas Roadhouse and enjoyed a terrific meal - I had pork chops, and they were second only to my mom's breaded pork chops. Poor Kristin had steak problems. Her medium well steak was about burnt on the outside, and raw inside. Another trip to the grill only made it worse, so they gave her a new one. Cindy surprised me by paying for it all. Had I known that, I would have ordered lighter. We also had a cactus blossom for an appetizer, which are awesome. :-)

Not sure how many games were played, but Kristin and I won most of them, and we came out on top as the all time Rook champions. We deserve a trophy or plaque. :-) It was a sad parting, as the four of us have had a lot of fun and good times, especially once Kristin and I started winning. :-)

The night didn't end overly well. After the girls left, we had a knock on the door. It was the chick who dates or whatever, the dude in the apartment under us. Steven answered the door, as I was in the bathroom. She informed him that they were getting up at 5, and we were being too noisy moving our chairs around on the floor. Thankfully, he is away a lot, but when he is home, he plays loud music with a lot of bass til 1 and 2 in the morning, and we have never complained. So stupid or not, I went down and knocked on their door. I apologized for the noise, and said we would be more careful, then asked if they could play their music lower as it keeps us awake a lot. The guy denied it was him and claimed he had no stereo, and then started yelling about how our toilet seat makes noise, our washer, dryer, etc. I said I was sorry for even bringing it up, and left. He followed me yelling nasty comments the whole time til I got in the house. Rather freaky experience! I am glad I never complained before!

I have 6 more days of work. I will miss a lot of the people, even though I am not happy with the place over all. My boss claimed if I stayed, he could get me a $1 raise. He also went on to tell me what a great job I have done with the craft department, and that I could run any department in the store, which made me feel pretty good.

Two weeks from today, God willing, I will pull out and head for Ohio. I still have some fears and worries. Not sure how I am going to get the truck and trailer in here, and now Steven has a job and won't be around til Thursday evening to help load the truck, then the long 400 mile trip to Ohio by myself pulling my car behind me.

I still feel it is best to move earlier than I intended, and hope I can quickly find a place to work and live, so I won't have to rough it on Mom and Dad's sofa bed too long. :-)

Well, may as well draw to a close. Til next time


Kim M. said...

It would have been nice to get that raise BEFORE you decided to move huh?
And I don't know what type of person would try to pick a fight with you... I would be scared myself if I didn't know ya !!! You look like you could do some serious damage to someone LOL.