Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Orion by Tony Ross

Book review:

David Johansen thought he'd escaped the violence of his past. He had no idea how wrong he was. Faced with a killer's deadly ultimatum, and trapped in an overcrowded, snowbound hotel, David must protect both a frightened young woman and the people of the small town he calls home...while confronting the darkest secrets of his heart. Orion is the suspenseful, page-turning sequel to the award-winning Victor: The Reloaded Edition.

My review:

  This is the second in a series of books that I have reviewed. They are different from your average Christians suspense in that they deal with cloning. It is a good different though, and I enjoyed the book a lot.

 Orion is even more suspenseful than the first book, and I would actually label it more of a thriller than just suspense. A lot happens in the book, and it is pretty much non-stop page turning suspense and drama. It is one of those types of books that I had no clue what was going to happen next, and was clueless to the who. The author did a great job of not just spinning a great story that is a nail biter, but he also showed a realistic picture of what fear in a large crowd of people can be like and what some of those people will do to protect themselves.

 The identity of the killer wasn't just a surprise to me, it was actually a shock. I truly did not see it coming. I have to give the author kudos for doing such a great job on that. Orion is truly a great read that I thoroughly enjoyed.

 I was given a copy of this book by a friend for the purpose of reviewing it.

About the author:

Tony Ross is an author who's not afraid of the dark.

In his first book, The Ugly Duckling's Revenge, he opens the door to his own past struggles with alcoholism and depression. He shares what God did to pull him out and offers a message of hope to readers: "If God can do it for me, He can do it for you!"

His next two books, Victor and Orion, are what Tony defines as "thrillers for thinkers," stories filled with action, adrenalin and deep spiritual meaning, stories that look into the deepest darkness of man to shine a brighter light. Victor won a silver medal for Christian Fiction in the Readers Favorite 2013 International Award Contest.

Melody's Memory is a departure from thrillers; it's a novella focusing less on suspense and action and more on the condition of the heart. Tony invites readers to open the long-locked doors of their own hearts, shine the light on what may be hidden there, and allow healing to come.

Tony is now revisiting the world he created in Victor and Orion in The Black Cat Chronicles, a series of short novellas set before Victor. He is also in the process of editing Brimstone, the third book following Victor and Orion.

When he's not writing, Tony enjoys country living, backyard campfires, recreational reading and outdoor sports. He has been a member of the ministry team at Calvary Apostolic Church in Clintonville, WI since 2004. Tony is happily married and has five children.