Saturday, May 19, 2018

No Less Days by Amanda Stevens

Book description:

David Galloway can’t die.

How many lifetimes can God expect one man to live? Over a century old, David Galloway isolates himself from the mortal humans who die or desert him by making a quiet life as a used bookstore owner in Northern Michigan. But then he spots a news article about a man who, like him, should be dead.

Daredevil celebrity Zachary Wilson walked away unscathed from what should have been a deadly fall. David tracks the man down, needing answers. Soon David discovers a close-knit group of individuals as old as he is who offer the sort of kinship and community he hasn’t experienced for decades—but at what cost?  

David finds himself keeping secrets other than his own. . .protecting more than himself alone. He’ll have to decide what’s worth the most to him—security or community. When crimes come to light that are older than any mortal, he fears the pressure is more than he can stand. What does God require of him, and is David strong enough to see it through?

My review:

  It isn't every day I read a Christian novel that has immortal people in it. The book sounded intriguing, and I had read a book by the author before that I I requested it.

 The book was different, and that is an understatement. And I really enjoyed it. An author's characters can make or break a story, and Stevens did a great job on creating unique and likable characters. David and Zach especially made the story.

 In addition to the entertaining and inspirational aspects of the story, Stevens did a great job portraying what life might be like for an immortal person and the challenges they may face.

 This was a fast and entertaining read that I enjoyed even more than I expected to. Stevens has come up with a very unique book for the Christian market that is definitely worth reading.

 This book was given to me in exchange for my honest review.

About the author:

As a child, Amanda G. Stevens disparaged Mary Poppins and Stuart Little because they could never happen. Now, she writes speculative fiction. She is the author of the Haven Seekers series, and her debut Seek and Hide was a 2015 INSPY Award finalist. She lives in Michigan and loves trade paperbacks, folk music, the Golden Era of Hollywood, and white cheddar popcorn.

No Less Days is available from Shiloh Run Press, an imprint of Barbour Books.

Thanks to Barbour for the review copy.