Monday, July 17, 2017

A Day At the Beach by Jedd and Todd Hafer

Book description:

Do you yearn for a day at the beach where your mind and soul can wander away from life's troubles? Do you gaze up at the sun or the nighttime stars and wonder if God is really on your side? Do you long to hear his quiet voice in the roll of a gentle wave? In A Day at the Beach, brothers Todd and Jedd Hafer don't have the answers to all of life's troubles, but they'll help you see that the God who built the universe also wants to help you build a great life. Let these encouraging words bring a ray of warm sunshine to your doorstep as Todd and Jedd offer their joy-filled perspectives on life and faith. So take a deep breath, unplug from life's daily grind, and follow the call of your heart to Jesus, the ultimate source of life.

My review:

   I recently took a vacation to the Outer Banks, so I actually was reading this devotional while I was at the beach.

  I have read a lot of devotionals, and have reviewed several of them. This one is unique since it focuses so much on the beach. I admit I wondered how the authors could write even a small devotional this size about the beach, but they managed to do it.

 Each devotional ends with a Bible verse, and though this isn't a big book and the devotionals in it are not very long, they are very well done, encouraging, and worth reading. Maybe I am biased a bit since I love the beach so much, but this is an excellent little devotional, and one does not have to be at the beach to enjoy the book and be helped spiritually by it.

 I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

About the authors:

Jedd Hafer is an expert on teens, having worked with troubled kids for more than twenty years. He has trained teachers and other professionals in crisis intervention and the Love and Logic approach in more than forty states and internationally. Jedd has cowritten eleven books with his brother Todd, and he can be heard on many Love and Logic audio recordings and broadcasts.

Todd Haferis an award-winning writer whose fifty-plus books (many written with Jedd) have sold more than two million copies. His teen/young adult novel Bad Idea was a Christy Awards finalist, and its sequel, From Bad to Worse, was named one of the top ten books of the year by Christian Fiction Reviews. Bad Idea is currently being made into a feature-length film. Todd was a contributor on the ECPA Book of the Year finalist Life Saver: The Ultimate Devotional Handbook for Teens. Todd lives on the plains of eastern Kansas with his children, a wayward rescue dog, and his very patient wife.

A Day At the Beach is available from Tyndale Publishing.

Thanks to Tyndale for the review copy.