Thursday, August 25, 2016

No God but One: Allah or Jesus?: A Former Muslim Investigates the Evidence for Islam and Christianity by Nabeel Qureshi

Having shared his journey of faith in the New York Times bestselling Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, Nabeel Qureshi now examines Islam and Christianity in detail, exploring areas of crucial conflict and unpacking the relevant evidence.

In this anticipated follow-up book, Nabeel reveals what he discovered in the decade following his conversion, providing a thorough and careful comparison of the evidence for Islam and Christianity--evidence that wrenched his heart and transformed his life.

In Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, Nabeel Qureshi recounted his dramatic journey, describing his departure from Islam and his decision to follow Christ. In the years that followed, he realized that the world’s two largest religions are far more different than they initially appeared.

No God but One: Allah or Jesus? addresses the most important questions at the interface of Islam and Christianity: How do the two religions differ? Are the differences significant? Can we be confident that either Christianity or Islam is true? And most important, is it worth sacrificing everything for the truth?

Nabeel shares stories from his life and ministry, casts new light on current events, and explores pivotal incidents in the histories of both religions, providing a resource that is gripping and thought-provoking, respectful and challenging.

Both Islam and Christianity teach that there is No God but One, but who deserves to be worshiped, Allah or Jesus?

My review:

  I am thankful to be on the launch team for another of Nabeel's books. I found his first book, Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, a fascinating read. This one is different and more of an in depth book, but was still an interesting read.

  The idea of the book is to show the evidence for who is the real God, Allah or Jesus, and disprove whichever one is false. Since Nabeel converted to Christianity from Islam, it is obvious which one he disproves in the book, but it was still an interesting - and helpful - read. He covered some things in the book, such as evidence and proof of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection that I had not really considered, and I was encouraged and more convinced of Christianity/Jesus being right after reading the book than when I began.

 Throughout the book, Nabeel gives the Islam answer to things like the Crucifixion and Resurrection, and the Christian answer, then disproves the Islam view. He also shows the differences between Christianity and Islam and between Muhammad and Jesus. I learned a lot about Islam, the Quaran, Muhammad, and the thinking and beliefs of Muslims. One of the most interesting sections to me was on the Quaran and how Nabeel showed that it isn't well preserved at all, and relies mostly on verbal tellings of it by different people.

  This book would be ideal for Muslims questioning their beliefs, if they could be convinced to read it. Nabeel does a great in depth study into the differences in these two religions, and shows the many holes and inconsistencies in Islam and the Quaran. I highly recommend it.

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

About the author:

Nabeel Qureshi is a New York Times best-selling author and an itinerant speaker with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. Since completing his medical degree in 2009, he has dedicated his life to spreading the Gospel through teaching, preaching, writing, and debating.

Dr. Qureshi has lectured to students at over 100 universities, including Oxford, Columbia, Dartmouth, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, and the University of Hong Kong. He has participated in 18 public debates around North America, Europe, and Asia. Following the release of his first book, Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, he received the Christian Book Award for the categories of both ‘Best New Author’ and ‘Best Non-Fiction’ of 2015.

Nabeel focuses on the foundations of the Christian faith, ancient Judaism, early Islam, and the interface of science and religion. He holds an MD from Eastern Virginia Medical School, an MA in Christian apologetics from Biola University, and an MA in Religion from Duke University. He is currently pursuing a doctorate in New Testament studies at Oxford University where he lives with his wife, Michelle.

No God but One is available from Zondervan on August 30, 2016. Thanks to the launch team for the review copy.