Monday, February 8, 2016

Captured by Moonlight by Christine Lindsay

Prisoners to their own broken dreams…

After a daring rescue goes awry, Laine Harkness and her friend Eshana flee to the tropical south of India…and headlong into their respective pasts. 

Laine takes a nursing position at a plantation in the jungle, only to discover that her former fiancé is the owner…but fun-loving Laine refuses to let Adam crush her heart like he had years ago. 

Eshana, captured by her traditional uncle and forced once more into the harsh Hindu customs of mourning, doubts freedom will ever be hers again, much less the forbidden love that had begun to flower. 

Amid cyclones, epidemics, and clashing faiths, will the love of the True Master give hope to these searching hearts?

My review:
   This is the second book in the Twilight of  the British Raj Trilogy. When the author asked me to review these books, she said even though they look like women's books; she has a lot of male readers. And though I rarely read a romance novel, I am very much enjoying this series.

  Book two picks up the story of Laine, an English nurse living in India. She ends up in the middle of nowhere helping out at a clinic where they try to treat people of all levels of India. I learned a lot about the caste system and some other of India's beliefs and tightly held traditions such as child brides and what even child widows have to go through if their husband died.

 Major portions of the book revolve around a cholera outbreak, and it was interesting to read how they dealt with it and treated it during that time period and in a location where the facilities were less than ideal.

  The differences between the Hindu and Christian religions are shown in the book, and it was of interest to me to see what a Hindu converting to religion might have to go through if they took that step.

  Captured by Moonlight is full of drama, romance, intrigue, and even some suspense. I enjoyed this read as much as the first, and found myself alternating between cheering for the hero and heroine and wanting to smack them alongside of the head.... and this from a non-romance guy. The book came to a satisfying conclusion, and Christine can be proud of  this second book. It was definitely worth reading, and I am looking forward to reading book 3.

  About the author:

Christine Lindsay writes historical inspirational novels with strong love stories, and she takes pride in her Irish roots. Her great grandfather and grandfather worked as riveters in the Belfast shipyard, one of those ships her ancestors helped build was the Titanic. 

Stories of ancestors who served in the British Cavalry in India that seeded Christine’s long-time fascination with the British Raj and became the stimulus for her multi-award-winning series Twilight of the British Raj. 

Some of those awards are:

Winner of 2009 ACFW Genesis
Winner of 2011 Grace Award
Finalist for 2012 Readers' Favorite

Finalist for 2013 Readers' Favorite
Finalist for 2013 Grace Award
Finalist for 2014 The Word Guild Award

The Pacific coast of Canada, about 200 miles north of Seattle, is Christine’s home where she lives with her husband, Like a lot of authors, Christine’s chief editor is her cat.

Check out her website at

Thanks to Christine for the review copy.


Unknown said...

Mark, I am so delighted that you like this book in the series as well. I hope you enjoy Book 3 as much. I have a feeling though that you will. Blessings.