Monday, November 2, 2015

151 Things God Can't Do by Maisie Sparks

A delightful and uplifting book that surprisingly reveals God's unique promises for each of us. 

Think God can do anything? Think again. 

God is all-knowing, all-powerful, and limitless, but despite these characteristics, God is still incapable of many things: things that are against His very nature. 

In this creative and uplifting book, discover God's nature and His incredible love for YOU. You will be encouraged to know that God can't deceive you, God can't be wrong, God can't allow evil to go unpunished, God can't leave you unfulfilled, God's love can't quit, and so much more.

With scripture to back up each statement, you will find relief and joy in the things God can't do.

My review:
  As Christians, we often focus on what God can do. And that is encouraging and helpful, and is something we should do. This book goes from the opposite viewpoint and lists things God cannot do because of who He is. It is a simple little book with each page containing one thing God cannot do with a Scripture verse to back it up.

Things like:
God can't allow anything to escape His notice
God can't renege on His Word
God can't allow Himself to manipulated
And many more.

  This book could easily be read in 10-15 minutes, but is a book to pull out and read one a day. Though it is small and doesn't have a lot of words in it, it says a lot and is an encouraging little book to remind us of how good God is.

About the author:

MAISIE SPARKS is a wife, mother, sister, aunt, and friend. A writer by profession, she also scribbles on the backs of church bulletins--which is how this book got started. Several years ago, she stumbled upon the art of spiritual direction and learned the difference between being still and doing nothing. Since then, she's been sharing contemplative spiritual practices with anyone who's willing to listen for God's loving voice in the silence.

151 Things God Can't Do is available from FaithWords, part of the Hachette Book Group.

Thanks to FaithWords for the review copy.