Monday, June 15, 2015

The Transparent Life by McKrae Game

Secrets destroy families, relationships, and will stop personal growth. Too many people go through life wearing a mask of shame, terrified that if anyone knew the "real me," they would be shunned and alone. Unfortunately many churches and society tell us to keep our struggles, addictions, and pasts hidden. Hiding our problems will not make them go away. There is a way to be free from the shame and guilt. It begins by understanding The Transparent Life. Author McKrae Game is the president and founder of Hope for Wholeness Network. He lives a transparent life and his ministry has counseled countless men and women to begin their own healing by removing the mask and letting people in. This book is for anyone who desires to be free from struggles, addictions, and secrets.

My review:
   It isn't often that I review a book by someone I personally know, and I believe this is only the second time I have done that. I know McKrae Game, and although this is a review of his book and not him, I will say he is a great Christian man of integrity who has dedicated his life to helping others who struggle with same-sex attractions find hope in Christ through his ministry, Hope For Wholeness. I have heard him speak and heard some of his story, but he tells much more of it in this book.

  The book is part autobiographical and part "self-help", for lack of a better word. McKrae tells of his upbringing, of his start of living the gay lifestyle, his conversion, and his marriage. The focus of the book is on how important it is for any Christian, but especially those who have a besetting sin or struggle, to be open and honest and not just have accountability, but an openness of where they have been, where they are, and what they are dealing with.

  He has a lot of great advice, most of it based on his own experiences, of what works and what doesn't, and who you should tell and even when. He shows through his story of how important it is to live a transparent life instead of hiding what you are dealing with. The book brings hope and encouragement, in addition to showing how important transparency is. 

  The book closes with some testimonies of others who have felt more freedom from being transparent with others.

  And although McKrae's story is one of deliverance from homosexuality, this book is not just intended for those who also struggle with that issue, but is intended for all Christians. We all need to be more transparent and open about what we are dealing with, no matter what the issue. I highly recommend this book.

About the author:

McKrae is the Founder and President of Hope for Wholeness. The ministry was founded in 1999 as Truth Ministry. The ministry launched a national network in 2013, Hope for Wholeness, and changed its name to reflect this new direction.
McKrae is an ordained Southern Baptist minister; he was ordained by his home church, First Baptist North Spartanburg, specifically to work in ministry with those affected by same-sex attractions. He shares his beliefs on the causes of homosexuality, from the approach of someone with same-sex attractions now living a biblical standard. When he was younger, he lived as a gay man for over three years.
McKrae is also the founder of the Hope for Wholeness curriculum, a ground-breaking video series and workbook curriculum for those seeking freedom from homosexuality. McKrae and his wife, Julie, were married in 1996 and are the proud parents of a son and daughter. They make their home in Spartanburg, South Carolina.
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