Monday, April 1, 2013

Landmarks by Bill Delvaux

 The well-worn rut that most of us live in is safe, comfortable . . . some would call it dead. By contrast, coming alive requires a willingness to journey into the unknown. Following Jesus is just such a path -- one that takes us deep into His death and then lifts us up into His resurrection.
There are some risks involved, and there are no point A to point B maps. But there are landmarks, places we must pass along the way if we are to keep following Christ into real life.

Landmarks describes these breakthrough places of the heart and mind in the general order in which they tend to show up. Long-time teacher and first-time author Bill Delvaux shares his landmark story and takes read- ers through nine different spiritual markers that must be encountered in order to live the full life that Jesus has planned for us.

Some of the landmarks include letting go of idols, overcoming scars, walking away from sexual sin, grasping your identity, fighting your battle, bonding with Christ, and choosing God first.

So, if you feel stuck out there on the highway of humanity and need some tried and true spiritual direction, look for Landmarks.
My review:
    This was a very easy to read book. I don't read enough non-fiction, but if all non-fiction was as interesting and easy to read as this, I would read more of it.
   The author takes nine landmarks in our life and gives each one a chapter each. He shows how each one affect us and our walk with God in either a positive or negative way. In addition to a lot of helpful advice and food for thought, the author also uses a lot of personal stories about him or others to prove his point. This is a book that can be helpful if you think about what you're reading, and is worth reading some sections over again.
About the author:
Bill Delvaux taught Men of the Bible classes for two decades at Christ Presbyterian Academy in Nashville, Tennessee. He holds degrees from Duke University and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and is now a full-time speaker and retreat minister. Landmarks is his first book.
Landmarks is available from Broadman & Holman Publishing.
Thanks to B&B Media for the review copy.