Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fully Alive by Ken Davis

Food labels, advertisements, politicians, self-help books – they all promise the same things: a better life . . . or – as Jesus might put it – life to the fullest.

For millions this pursuit of happiness has captivated, ensnared, and, most disappointingly, it has alluded. Which begs the question, what is the missing link? Fully Alive explores the idea that God is glorified when man is "fully and eternally alive," illustrated by best-selling author and motivational speaker Ken Davis's most honest and intimate stories.

Ken invites us to walk with him on a journey, along a road of heartache and adventure to a place he calls "the land of the living," and discover what may be missing in our lives.

A poignant and entertaining storyteller, Davis points out the practical steps necessary to live this way – everything from lightening up to taking a quality of life assessment, to overcoming trials – while also revealing the power of Christ's resurrection available for each of us.

Get a taste of the beautiful urgency of today and begin moving toward a change in your life that draws from the joy and power that can be found only in Christ.

My review:

I can't remember if I have ever read anything by Ken Davis before, but I have watched him on DVD and YouTube and find him funny, so I was happy to see a book by him come up for review.

I have recently made some changes in my life: weight loss, attitude, etc, and this book was just what I needed to read. Davis talks a lot about his realization that he needed to make some changes in his life such as eating habits, exercise, weight loss, and other areas including spiritual. He had a lot of great and encouraging things to say, and communicates his ideas very well. The book is both serious and humorous. I'd be wiping my eyes at some emotional or sad thing he said, then turn the page only to burst out laughing at something he said.

This isn't one of those "feel-good" books. Davis is honest about his struggles, his failures, and his victories. This is a great book for someone who knows they need some changes, but haven't taken the steps yet, or for people who are working on change. This is a book that can help and even change your life if you let it.

About the author:

Best-selling author, frequent radio and television guest, and one of the country’s most sought after inspirational and motivational speakers–Ken’s mixture of side-splitting humor and inspiration delights and enriches audiences of all ages. His books have received national critical acclaim, including the “Book of the Year” award and the Gold Medallion Award. The video and audio tapes of his live appearances are in constant demand.
Ken has been the keynote speaker for hundreds of major corporate events. He is a featured speaker for Promise Keepers and a frequent guest on “Focus on the Family”. Ken has made thousands of personal appearances around the world. As president of Dynamic Communications International, he teaches speaking skills to ministry professionals and corporate executives. Ken’s daily radio show, Lighten Up!, is heard on over 1500 stations in the United States and around the world.

Fully Alive is available from Thomas Nelson

Thanks to Thomas Nelson/Booksneeze for the review copy.