Monday, December 12, 2011

Tim Tebow

**Disclaimer: I detest football, and this blog post in no way changes that. I don't understand why people get so obsessed and excited about seeing guys they don't know play a game. I think its sad that a lot of church people can name team members, stats, etc, but couldn't name the 12 apostles or the Beatitudes. I have no interest in who wins the Superbowl, except I cheer for the opposite team of my facebook friends.That said.......

I admire Tim Tebow. He has been coming under fire from all sides, even other Christians, for his outspokenness about his Christianity, his kneeling "Tebowing" after he gets a touchdown, or whatever he does it for. They say he is too fanatical, and he has been mocked for it.

I didn't even know til today when I read an article about him, what team he plays for. Neither do I care. I do admire him though. I don't know a lot about him, but it sounds like he is true to his convictions, and he is not ashamed of his Christianity. I am sure I wouldn't agree with everything he does - i.e. playing on Sundays, but it doesn't sound like he does anything to ruin the Christian image he puts forth.

I have a few thoughts about him and his forwardness about his Christianity, and the media and liberals attacking him for it.

First off: If he were a Muslim, they wouldn't dare attack him and mock him, but Christians are fair game. (great article on Fox News website about him, and the writer makes that point).

Second: If we live as the Bible commands, the world isn't going to love us. And if we live as the Bible commands us to, people are going to know who we are, and what we stand for. I have little time for these so-called Christians who are in entertainment, sports, etc, and you would never know that they are Christians by anything they do. They don't sing about Jesus, they aren't careful about the kinds of movies they appear in, etc. If every sports person and celebrity who claimed to be a Christian was like Tim Tebow, he wouldn't be an oddity or anything unusual.

And to take that further, if everyone who claimed to be a Christian, celebrity or your average Joe, was made of the stuff Tim Tebow is made of, and acted out our faith the way he does, this world would be a totally different place.

So, Tim Tebow, though I hate the sport you play, thank-you for your integrity and boldness to show your faith and beliefs in the face of mockery and attacks on you. God bless you for being something that so many people in sports are not worthy to be: a role model.