Friday, July 29, 2011

Glastonbury Tor by LeAnne Hardy

When his mother dies, sixteen-year-old Colin is consumed with hate for his harsh, demanding father. Looking for a true relationship with Christ and purification for his hateful heart, he journeys to the historic monastery at Glastonbury, within whose walls lies the Holy Grail. In this captivating novel centered around Glastonbury Tor (Hill), a young man seeks salvation as the Catholic Church finds itself in turmoil during the reign of Henry VIII.

My review:
This was one of those books that after I got it, I wasn't sure I would like it - but I did. Though this was different from what I normally read, in setting, time period, and plot, I really enjoyed the book.

The story is pretty much a coming into manhood story. The main character, Colin, flees to a monastery after attempting to kill his father. He lives with the monks as he tries to find salvation through his work there.

The author did a great job of telling the story and of describing life in a monastery. The book is historical fiction with activities of King Henry VIII playing a big part in the events of the book.

Once I started reading the book, I read it until I finished and found it a very enjoyable read.

And by the way, "Tor" is a hill or mountain.

About the author:

LeAnne Hardy has traveled the world responding to God's call to be a missionary, a call that has taken her to Africa, South America, and Eastern Europe. The diverse settings and plots in her books have been inspired by her real-life encounters there. Many of the stories and scenes from her books come from her family's experiences on the mission field or are based on true stories of others.

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Glastonbury Tor is available from Kregel Publishing.

Thanks to Kregel for the review copy.


LeAnne Hardy said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the book even though it isn't your normal time period. I love making a place or time come to life for people who aren't usually there. I hope your readers enjoy.