Thursday, December 16, 2010

What I like about winter

It is well known that I hate winter. I don't just dislike it - I hate it. I have friends who love it, and though they are my friends, I think they border on insanity for loving it.

I blogged a sarcastic post recently about what I love about winter, which was actually things I don't like. Some of my friends are trying to get me to see the good about winter, so I am taking up their challenge and making a list of what I like about winter. I repeat - this is a list about what I love/like about winter. Your list may differ from mine. OK, here I go.......

1) Christmas


Carmen said...

Oh, you need to add cross-county skiing! You'll learn to love winter!

Swirling snow drifts--God's wand of swirling patterns in the snow.

Clean, brisk air!

Christy said...

Hey Mark....the other day some people were complaining about winter and I heard an interesting have to choices, choice a) complain and be miserable all winter long or b)accept it and be less miserable...they went on to say you live in the north, and you know that in the north it gets cold and snows, so if you don't like it, move somewhere it doesn't snow or get really cold, like Florida or California. :) just a friendly thought.
P.S. I used to HATE snow and cold and winter in general, but I married a snow LOVER and I decided to try to like it, that was 7 years ago, now I LOVE snow and winter. I believe you can learn to like anything...I even learned to like Lima Beans!!