Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Way Home...... a movie review

(Based on a true story)

Randy Simpkins works hard to support his family. Too hard. He is never around for them, and when the movie begins, he was supposed to be keeping an eye out for his two-year-old son, Joe.. but he didn't. Involved in other things, he let the little boy outside to play on his own, and then discovered the little boy had disappeared. Not knowing if their son had been kidnapped, had fallen into one of the many wells, ponds, or swamp areas around them, he and his wife become frantic, and are met with a massive outpouring of support and help from their community.

This is not a movie with a lot of action, but it is very moving and emotional. Maybe I shouldn't admit it, but I should have kept a tissue or two nearby while watching - so be forewarned.

This is definitely a Christian movie, no holds barred, but it is not tacky or cheesy as too many Christian movies tend to be. They have professional actors, and they do a great job portraying the emotions of parents whose child is missing. There is no cursing whatsoever in the movie. "Dang" is used twice, which is a word I don't use, but it is more of a slang word than a swear word.

The movie was great, and I highly recommend it. And is the boy found? And if so, dead or alive? Watch the movie and find out.

Movie trailer can be seen here.

The Way Home is available from Thomas Nelson.

Thanks to Thomas Nelson for the review copy.