Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Life In the Slow Lane

Not much going on in my life right now. I did get hired for a job at the newspaper here, The Morning Journal. After a couple of days being trained, I didn't feel I could do the job - too many things to do with machinery to keep it running smoothly. They called me back to start tomorrow doing something else, but it isn't full time, so if I stay, I will need to find something else.

I have been extremely discouraged and depressed with the job hunt already. I am sure the Sunday work issue is why I haven't heard back from Walmart and Home Depot - guess both stores are guilty of discriminating against my religious beliefs. Another thing is jobs that only want people with experience - found a few I was interested in, but since they wanted people with experience in the field, and I had the way, how DOES a person get experience in some fields if they only hire people with experience...............Anyway, finances and job issues are about having me pull my hair out, if I had any. Add to that the frustration of still not getting my piano sold.

This week-end will be a full house here. Mom watches my 3 nieces most Friday nights through Saturday afternoon, and this week-end they will be here. Paul and Pam are having a VBS at another church, and have some other things going on this week-end, so they want the boys to stay with Grammy and Papa - and Uncle Mark - for a few days, so we will also be getting them some time Friday, and they will stay through Monday. The only foreseen problem might be Nathan, the youngest. He may not like being away from his parents. Josiah and Benjy are excited and will love the time here.

Sadly, now that I have very limited funds, I am finding books and CDs right and left that I want to buy, but have to save my money, so I am only buying really cheap stuff when I do buy. One exception will have to be the new Booth Brothers' CD releasing early next month. :-) That is a must have.

It is no wonder there is so much marital problems even among Christian performers. I like a few songs here and there by the Christian group Avalon. I was on their site, and the group photo disgusted me. The group consists of a married couple, Greg and Jenna Long, and 2 other members, a man and woman, not married to each other. The picture has Jenna Long with her arm and head on the other guy, Jeremi, and the other woman, Melissa, has her head on, and her arm through the arm, of Greg Long. I know. Nothing can happen from a picture, but good grief! These people travel and sing together, and why invite problems that could come about from physical closeness as in the picture? Check it out: Avalon

In other case you missed it due to our liberal biased media ignoring it, the "new messiah", Barak Hussein Obama, as Rush Limbaugh calls him - thinks the United States has 58 states - he said he had campaigned in " 57 states, with one left to go". Yes, the man running for president said that. Can you imagine if a conservative had said that? It would be front page news. Everyone from Jay Leon to "I don't give a Whoopi Goldberg" would be making jokes about it on the news. They would write books about it - no stretch, they did about Dan Quayles and his potato mistake. For some reason, B Hussein Obama is untouchable.

Well, that's enough news for the day. Signing off!


Kim M. said...

a house-full of kiddos doesn't sound like life in the slow lane to me :-)
I hope your job is going well1