Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Cup Runneth Over (of bitterness)

How long does it take to get over a cold?! It started 12 days ago, and every time I thinl it is over, it starts up again. I have been hacking all day, and thought it was done last night.
Speaking of last night, we had a singles night out planned with a new twist: a fifth person. Cindy, Kristin, Steven, Vern, aka Randy, Cindy and Steven's cousin, and I, met at the Bedford Pizza Hut, then went on to Cindy's place to play "5-man" Rook. A neat twist on the game we usually play with 4 people. For non-Rook players, I will make this simple. Instead of 2 people playing against 2, it is 2 to 3, but it changes every round, and you have no idea who your team mate will be. Whoever wins the bidding, announces that they want the person with the black 1, or green 14, etc, as their team mate. If the person bid high, you sit there and pray that you don't have the card they call!
Sadly, I lost every game. Individual scores are kept instead of teams, since the teams change every round. Everyone but me won a game or more. It just wasn't my night, and I am very bitter about it. Life is so unfair. :-( Actually, I am a good loser - as I proved last night by losing 6 games of Rook. It would have been really, really nice to h ave won a game, but there is always next time. Crazy thing is, it didn't matter if I played cautiously, or recklessly, I still lost! It was a conspiracy!
The night was not without its amusements. It started with one person having trouble getting to Cindy's because she didn't know right from left, but I won't tell who it was......
Then I did my goof: We were halfway through a round when someone noticed I had one too many cards - there are 2 extra cards when 5 people play, they are laid aside and called the "kitty" - I had only laid one card aside, so we had to start over. I don't feel so bad though, later we were all down to 2 cards, the game was nearing the end, when we noticed that Vern had FOUR cards. At some point he had picked up the cards in the "kitty", and put them with his cards, and didn't notice it. So that round got scrapped too.
Cindy and Steven were their usual unbearably proud and boastful selves when they teamed together - someone does really need to take those two down bad in Rook. :-) Please God, let it be me! We had a lot of fun, and did our share of teasing and bragging - well, no bragging on my part, I was the hunble loser........
I have a new author to try: Joel Rosenberg. He has written fiction and non-fiction, but has a Christian fiction series that I hear is phenomenal, The Last Jihad series. My sister Vicki has called me twice about his books, and last night, Cindy's mother was raving about him and passed on his first book for me to read. I actually possess what I thought was his first book, but found out it is actually #3 in the series. Good thing it was on my list of to-read books that I haven't made it to yet.
I do like the 5-man Rook, but it seems my chances of winning are better with 4 people. Maybe not, and last night was just my night to win. If anyone had to lose every game, I guess it was best that it be me. Cindy and Steven would have been weeping and wailing, and we know what a certain other lady did last time we lost bad - it involved a gas stove, carbon monoxide, and a trip to the hospital.........we wouldn't want any repeats. (No, she didn't do that on purpose, but I did tease her about it later that she didn't need to take our losses that night THAT bad....... :-)
Another week lies ahead of us. I always dread a new week, since Mondays, and lately, on through Thursdays at work reek so, but I am trying to keep a more positive attitude. I do have something to look forward to: April 11, some of us are going to go hear the Booth Brothers in concert in Greenwood, IN. I have wanted to see them for some time, as they rank pretty high on my list, but have never got the chance til now. I can't wait. :-) If one hasn't checked into their music, they should. Even my non-Southern Gospel loving friends like their music.
Random trivia for the day, in case you need one: 50 Bibles are sold every minute.
Well, that is enough for this installment in the life and times of me. Til next time!


Kim M. said...

That's hilarious about you and Vern stealing cards from the "kitty"... are you sure y'all weren't cheating?