Monday, January 21, 2019

Forlorn by Gina Detwiler

Book description:

Bad luck seems to follow Grace Fortune wherever she goes. She was orphaned at a young age, and her musical talent got her accepted to a prestigious school for the arts, where she was caught in the middle of horrific school shooting that nearly takes her life.

But then she meets gorgeous loner, Jared Lorn, and falls madly in love. There is only one problem. Jared is not exactly human. He's a Nephilim, an angel/human hybrid, descended from a cursed line of fallen angels known as the Watchers.

Having a half-demon boyfriend who's under a curse from God can be tough enough. But then Grace decides that she wants to help free Jared from the curse by killing his angel father, Azazel, who is bound up in the Abyss, where he will be judged at the End of Days.

She has a powerful ally in her guardian angel Ariel, who has given her a weapon: a Song that can tame demons. With a crew of loyal friends, Grace and Jared will travel to the ends of the earth, battling the forces of heaven and hell that seek to defeat them. Yet as their love grows stronger, they will find themselves in danger of succumbing to the very corruption that caused the Watchers' downfall.

My review:

  Gina Detwiler is a new author to me, and I was looking forward to reading and reviewing her books since I got the opportunity to do so.

 There is a passage in Genesis that talks about the sons of God coming into the daughters of men and children were borne of those unions. Much has been theorized and said about what that could mean. Many Bible scholars believe it was angels who were the sons of God. This author took that approach, and is not the first to come up with beings half angel and half human as a result of that union. These beings are referred to as Nephilim, a term that has been around for a while.

 I really enjoyed Frank Pertetti's earliest novels with tales of angels and demons fighting for and against God and God's people. This novel falls into the same category of books, but is geared for teens.

 I really enjoyed the book. Characters are important to me, and can make or break a book. Detwilwer did a great job on all of her characters, but especially the main ones who take center stage in the book. My favorite character is Jared, the 150 year old half angel/half human who looks like a teenager in appearance. Though his future looks bleak and bad, he has the desire to do right and to protect his friends, especially the girl he falls in love with. Then there us Grace - the heroine of the story, her friends Ethan, Bree, and Penny, and the self appointed guardian of Jared.....Ralph.

 There is a lot of action in the book, conversations between angels, fights among angels, demons, and manifestations of demons in people. There is definitely a spirit world, and more of a battle for our souls than we comprehend. I thought the author did a great job of portraying what that unseen world may look like.

 There are guardian angels in the book, and I liked the way the author portrayed them and how they possibly may work and act. Sure, it is the author's imagination, but it is still fascinating to read and think about.

 The book is a fast and easy read. There were times I read it on my breaks at work, and had a hard time putting it down to go back to work. Though it is written and geared for teens, I am proof that adults can enjoy it also.

 There is an ending to the book that makes you want to immediately start the next book, which I do have ready to dive into.

 This is going to be at least a 4-book series, and Forlorn is a great start to the series. I am looking forward to reading more about these characters, and the war between good and evil.

 I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

About the author:

Gina Detwiler was planning to be a teacher but switched to writing so she wouldn't have to get up so early in the morning. She is the co-author with bestselling author and speaker Priscilla Shirer of The Prince Warrior series for middle grade readers. She has also written the novels Hammer of God and Avalon under the name Gina Miani.