Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Resurrection by Mike Duran

When Ruby Case raises a boy from the dead, she creates uproar in the quiet coastal town of Stonetree. Some brand her a witch; others, a godsend. But the controversy is just the beginning. For this resurrection has awakened more than just a dead boy…

Reverend Ian Clark does not believe in miracles. Haunted by demons, both past and present, he is resigning from the ministry and has no interest in the city's spiritual climate, much less its urban legends. But he is about to get a wake-up call…

As Ruby and Reverend Clark are thrust into a desperate search for answers, they quickly realize that the forces unleashed by Ruby now threaten to destroy them. Can they overcome their own brokenness before they—and the entire town—become victims of this insidious evil?

My review:
This book is similar in some ways to the one I just posted a review for yesterday, The Strange Man, yet the books are also totally different. The Strange Man involved a town being taken over by evil. This book involves a town that is being ruled by evil. Both books involve spiritual warfare.

The Resurrection was a very interesting and enjoyable read. At the heart of the story is a young pastor on the verge of walking away from his faith and embracing the idea that Christianity is no different and no better than other religions. Lukewarmness plays a big part in the book and through fiction, the author shows what can be the results of that. Of churches fighting each other instead of sin and evil, of Christians set in their ways and dragging their feet at the idea of getting involved.

The story also is a bit creepy. Human sacrifice, occult shops, etc. But it shows what can happen when people fight against what is right and pure, and of the depths they can go when they surrender to the devil. Also brought out in the book is what people can do who give up on God and decide to go another way.

Even though the occult is dealt with in the book, I feel the author did a great job of dealing with it. Not too intense, not too much information.

And of course the book shows what God can do when His people wake up, pray, and live as they should.

We all need to read books like this occasionally. Books that cause us to think outside of the box, books that will stir us, and yes, even scare us a bit as we are reminded of how much evil there is in this world, and how hard Satan is fighting.

And again, a book I would recommend to Frank Peretti readers.

About the author:

I normally post an author bio here, but could not locate one, or a way to contact the author, so other than the fact that this is his first book, I have no other information here.

The Resurrection is available from Realms Publishing, an imprint of Charisma Media.

Thanks to Anna at Charisma for the review copy.

Read the first chapter here.