Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Ferry

If you have never ridden on a ferry, it is an interesting experience. The day we went to Okracoke, it was about a 45 minute ferry ride there and back each way. Once the ferry started off, most people got out and stood on the boat. We stood at the front where we could see the best.

Picture I took from the front of the ferry we were on.
Picture of us driving onto the ferry, taken from inside the van. Notice the dirty windshield......

Another ferry going past us. Notice it has a rather large truck on it.

Just a picture of the shore from the ferry.
And lastly, a picture of all six kids at the front of the ferry.
And one funny thing that happened on the ferry: Vicki blew a bubble with her gum and just as she did, the wind blew it out of her mouth. She was looking around trying to find it, and to her horror, she saw it sticking on the bumper of the car behind us. She pretended to tie Katie's shoe to remove it.