Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

I love holidays - it is so nice to have a day you can bum around and not feel guilty. Yeah, I contemplated on what this day is about too. I am very thankful for the people who have fought and given their lives to preserve our freedoms. Now if we could get the military to kick that guy out of the White House to help preserve our freedoms right now. Did I actually type that?! :-)

I decided to start the day off with another trip to the used clothing store in Austintown - I'm not too proud to shop there! I wanted to pick up some more nylon type pants - much cooler than jeans for vacation. Today was not only 50 cent tag day, but also 20% off the entire purchase. I decided to go with Mom and Dad, who unfortunately overlooked the fact that holidays are a good day to sleep in, so I was roused at 7:30.

I did find what I was looking for, and a shirt I saw last week for $6 but wasn't about to pay that - was the 50 cent tag color today, so I am happy. :-) The pants I got are a bit long, but have elastic at on the pant legs, so they should work. Last week, I tried to hem 2 pair of pants I got with the sewing machine. I never hemmed before - I can sew on a button that a nuclear blast wouldn't budge - but never hemmed. Also never used a sewing machine. Needless to say, the stitches were not anywhere close to straight. Mom hemmed the second pair, fortunately. I also picked up two games - Guesstures & Outburst Jr packaged together for 60 cents. I love bargains!

My sister Vicki had to work at her waitressing job, so our cook-out didn't happen til 3:30. Hamburgers, hot dogs, barbecued chicken, baked beans, and potato salad for those who like cold potatoes smothered in mayonnaise. Excuse me while I throw up.......

They also decided to celebrate my birthday today instead of tomorrow since Vicki and her gang was here. I got 3 more books in addition to what I already got for my birthday, new tennis shoes, shaving cream, and money. :-) Almost makes turning 40 worth it. :-)

The rest of the day was slow. My dad and brother-in-law went fishing, 2 of my nieces commandeered the computers, and the youngest laid around sick and napped some. I read a book. After they left, I looked up our vacation house and looked at the pictures. Looks awesome. It also looks like I may have a bathroom pretty much to myself. There is one right by my bedroom, and the kids will use the bathrooms in their parents' rooms for baths. Also, by the looks of the floor plan, the hot tub is right by my room also. How convenient! I can't wait. Vicki and her family were here for lunch yesterday and afterwards we sat on the porch and talked about vacation. I even dialed Pam up and put her on speaker phone so she wouldn't feel left out.

Only 5 more days!

I knocked off 2 books already, Fatal Illusion by Adam Blumer & Shepherd's Fall, by Wanda Dyson - I highly recommend both books for anyone who likes suspense in a Christian story. I am trying to save some books to take on vacation. The rest of my "birthday books" are:

The Missionary by Carmichal & Lambert
Blown Coverage by Elam & Yohn
Higher Hope by Robert Whitlow
The Rose Conspiracy by Criag Parshall

Added to that are a few others I have been trying to save for vacation, and a free book sent to me by an author after I emailed him and told him I liked his books. How cool is that?! One year we went to the ocean, I read 10 books. Another year, I ran out of reading material and got desperate enough to check out the books at the place we were staying and actually read a Steven King book. Pretty weird, but wasn't too bad. Everyone goes to bed too early on vacation, so I stay up and read. Of course they then want to rise early and I want to sleep in.

I made a vacation list. Tried to list everything I need to take on vacation from sunblock- gotta watch my head! - to the charger for my Ipod. Gotta have my 'tunes!


Parsley said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog.
Feel free to stop by mine. By the way, since you like books, do you have suggestions for Christian teens?

Christa said...

It is un-American to not like potato salad!!

Mark said...

Good thing they can't revoke your citizenship for not liking potatp salad :-)