Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Catching Up

No, I have not died, and am still alive. Can't believe I have gone more than a week without blogging - chatty me. :-) So for anyone wondering what has been going on in my oh so exciting life........ I just finished an awesome book, Blood Bayou - one of two books I got free as a result of using Swag Bucks.......have I mentioned how much I love it?! This book was the first Christian fiction novel by an author who usually writes secular. It is suspense, my favorite genre of fiction, and sure kept me turning the pages.

My best friend, Steven, arrived late Thursday afternoon. Didn't do much the rest of that day other than a trip to Walmart & playing a game with my parents.

He brought my birthday present with him, which I managed to not tear into immediately. On Friday, we hit all of the Christian bookstores in the area, and he bought more for my birthday. He had got me two books by a Christian author, and asked me later if I had read anything by him, and if I liked it. I had read one, and did not like it. Though I felt badly about it, he had me pick out two other books to replace those, and also got two CDs. The new one by John Waller, who did the great song "While I'm Waiting", and "Bless the Broken Road" by Selah - though he had a not so hidden agenda on that one - he has it on order from Amazon and couldn't wait to hear it.

We also did the mall, and ended the afternoon at my favorite pizza place, which I think he also liked.

On Saturday morning, my mom asked me if I had any plans for the day - I told her not yet, and she informed me that she had plans.....my 40th birthday party. They didn't figure they could get me there - the college gym - any other way than just telling me. It was a nice party, though I hated being the center of attention. I suspected that Paul, Pam, & the boys might come for it, and they did. Paul made the cake, which had Garfield on it - he did an awesome job, and it was great to see them and my nephews.

Mom had sandwiches, pop, & chips, in addition to the cake and ice cream. I got some gift cards, which is cool. Itunes & Borders, among others. Two of the cards I got had Hillary Clinton on the front. One had her titled President on it, and inside said "see there are scarier things than getting older". :-)

When I came home, I immediately opened the present from Steven, which contained the two books that were going back with him, a 40 ounce container of honey roasted peanuts - which I love, a mug that says 40, and a bookmark that also does.

We had an early Sunday evening service - which was awesome - was at 5:00, though 6:00 would be great - wish I had the power to make that possible, but even if I were a member of my church, they wouldn't like my ideas. :-) The college was using our church for their Baccalaureate at 7, hence the early service.

On Monday, Steven & I headed for Austintown to the large used clothing store my family likes to shop at. Mondays is 50 cent tag day, in addition to a half price tag, and I was hoping to pick up some cooler clothes for vacation, which I did. Steven walked away with at least 11 books, most 25 cents each - I didn't find any books I wanted. Oh well.

One of the gift cards I got was for Borders Bookstore. The closest ones are in Alliance - which I never go to - and Niles, which I never go to. Since I was in Austintown, Niles was only another 20 minutes, so we headed there. I found a book to use my gift card on, then we went on to the mall and spent quite a while there. They have a nice mall, and I can enjoy shopping without spending money. Though it is more fun to spend! We ended the day with a cook-out and a walk on the bike/walking trail. We went two miles, but were dismayed to find that two old ladies with canes that we ran onto, had gone further than we did.

This morning we hit Bob Evans for breakfast, then just wandered around Salem. I looked up a covered bridge between here and Salem, which was cool to see, then came home and relaxed until Steven had to leave. It was great having him here, though the time went too fast.

Next up: Memorial Day on Monday, #40 birthday on Tuesday - how exciting - Allie's birthday on Wednesday, and we all leave for the ocean on Saturday. Only 10 more days, and I cannot wait!


Kim M. said...

sound like fun. I am still bitter. :-P Steve missed a great ice cream cake and brownies here. Oh well; some people are more important than others. LOL Just kidding.