Friday, February 6, 2009

Science Fair

This evening was the Science Fair at our academy. I think it is neat that they do it, and it gives the kids a chance to experiment in different areas.

My oldest niece did one on baking soda, Allie did cereal, and Katie did milk. Katie & Allie's class had food to sample - each display was a breakfast food, and each one had samples of that food - bacon, sausage, pancakes & syrup, etc.

Katie did milk, and had small cups of milk for people to drink. Allie did cereal, and had that sweet snack food made from chex cereal - garbage or dog food
Stephanie, and her baking soda display.

The pancakes & syrup display.

And the orange juice display.

There were other cool displays also. The first graders did different animals and talked about them, one high school class had different experiments they did such as freezing water, one girl did an experiment with a mouse and what was best to trap one with. I guess there was a real mouse in the display at one point. Not sure where it was when I was looking at the display. :-)

All in all, it was an interesting evening. I don't think my nieces walked away with a prize, but it was nice for the kids to be involved in something like that anyway.