Monday, February 16, 2009

Icy Roads & A Night of Chinese

Friday evening, Vicki & Steve and the girls, and I were invited to the Goodenow's house, though Steve worked too late to make it. They were missionaries to Taiwan, so she has all kinds of Chinese recipes. She made a whopping 11 different dishes to serve. The only one I wasn't wild about was some kind of potatoes in curry sauce, but I had seconds on other stuff. The meal was delicious, and I got way too much to eat, and she put an entirely too large of a meal out, but we appreciated the effort. :-)

We ended the evening with a game of Beyond Balderdash, and dirt dessert. Thanks for a great evening!

It was starting to snow as we headed out to church last night, though they weren't calling for much. By the time we headed home, though not much snow had fallen, the roads had frozen and were very icy. Just within a couple of miles, we saw 5 cars in the ditch, and I think there were 2 accidents represented. We made it halfway up "Ski Slope Hill" and came to a stop. At first we thought there was an accident -there was a state cop ahead, and a long line of cars. I took a walk up to see what was going on, and found out it was just the roads. Some cars couldn't get up the hill. To add to the problem, 2 cars had tried to go past it all in the other lane, and couldn't make it, so everyone was waiting for a salt truck. Finally, one of the cars got out of the way, and we, and some other cars, managed to make it up the hill, and crept our way home. We found out later that they had shut down that section of road after we got on it. Thankfully, we made it home safe, though a 15-20 minute drive took us about an hour and 15 minutes.

Paul, Pam, and the boys drove in last night after church. Fortunately, they didn't hit bad roads til they got to Ohio, and arrived here around 11:25. This morning, Mom watched all 6 kids while Paul & Pam, and Vicki & I went to Austintown to shop for a bit. The kids got to play all day together, and still was grieved when the girls had to go home after supper. You'd think playing from 9 am til 5:30 pm would be enough, but I guess it wasn't.

Currently, we are watching the boys while Pam & Paul are in Salem making a CD. My brother-in-law is turning into another Bill Gaither - though he can sing better than Bill! - he wrote at least 7 of the songs they are putting on their CD, and already has the music tracks made to save some time & money. Tomorrow, they are going to record a few songs with the boys. That should be interesting. :-)