Saturday, April 20, 2019

A Shift a Day for Your Best Year Yet: 365 Ways to Improve Your Life, Career, and Relationships by Dean Del Sesto

Book description:

Regardless of where you are in life, change is always an opportunity. The most immediate path to lasting positive change will always be found in how we think about things. We either frame the various areas of our lives to regress, remain stagnant, or accelerate forward, and a single shift in our thought patterns can change everything for us.

That's what A Shift a Day for Your Best Year Yet is all about. Small shifts that add up to dynamic new directions. With these 365 original quotes, readers will find themselves well on their way down the path to greater success in their work, relationships, and lives. Short, memorable, and to-the-point, each thought-provoking page is designed to interrupt thinking that doesn't work and replace it with thinking that does.

The perfect spontaneous gift for a friend or impulse buy for oneself. 

My review:

  This is a cool little book that anyone could use and benefit from. From the title, I assume the idea is to read one each day throughout the year. They are short enough though that a person could read several if they wanted.

 There are two per page, and after each way, there is a short paragraph expounding on the idea. The ways they give to improve your life cover a wide variety of topics, but they are well thought out and valuable ideas. The book is an interesting read, whether you do it daily or read several a day. It is definitely worth reading, and very helpful.

 I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

About the author:

Dean Del Sesto runs an award-winning branding and communications agency called Breviti ( and is also a partner in Veracity Colab, a B2B and consumer-based video agency ( With over 25 years in marketing, Dean has been directly involved in the brand development of more than 800 companies, developing over $1.6 billion in revenue for his clients. He is a keynote speaker (, is the author of Shift Your Thinking and Shift Your Thinking for Success, and lives in Southern California with his wife, Kittrena.

The book is available from Spire, a division of Baker Book Publishing.