Monday, September 3, 2018

Do Angels Really Have Wings? by writers from Today In the Word

Book description:

Do Christians, Jews, and Muslims all pray to the same God? Is it okay to be mad at God? Did Adam have a belly button?

We all have questions, even if we don't know how to find answers. Over the last 30 years, Today in the Word from the Moody Bible Institute has taken questions from people all around the world and published a few of them each month with answers from reliable Bible experts. Do Angels Really Have Wings? is a collection of the most repeated, most intriguing questions (with a few lighthearted ones too). These questions are then answered by trusted Christian voices like Don Cole, Mike Kellogg, and Rosalie de Rosset. Whether you're curious about Christianity or have been in the church since you were in diapers, this book is a great place to start exploring some of your own questions about God, life, and the Bible.

My review:

  I thought this sounded like an interesting book to review, and I was right. There are 200 questions in all, from serious ones on sexuality and dating, to not so serious ones like "did Adam have a belly button?"

 The book is not just an interesting read, but also a fun read. It is a great book to read a page or two, and then pick it up for a few minutes later. I found the answers well thought out, though I didn't always agree 100% because of theological differences, such as if you read the book, keep in mind that though the book is interesting and fun, you may have some differences with the answers to some of the questions.

 I did enjoy the more fun questions, and as long as I have been around the church, there were some things asked that I did find the answers I definitely recommend the book.