Friday, May 4, 2018

Classic Hymns by B&H Editorial Staff

Book description:

This next installment in the Read and Reflect series will dive into the lyrics of classic Christian hymns, and give the reader reflection questions, bible study questions, and prayer prompts based around the lyrics.

My review:

  This book got lost in the shuffle, and I just realized today I had never posted the review..... so here it is, late.

  There are all kinds of Christian songs/music out there, but I personally feel nothing written today has the depth of the hymns. This book is a devotional using 90 hymns.

 Each devotional in the book begins with the author and composer of the hymn and its music. That is followed by the lyrics to the hymn, a few Bible study questions, a few personal reflection questions, and a short prayer.

 As I understand it, this book was written by the Broadman and Holman Editorial staff and edited by Lore Ferguson Wilbert. They did an excellent job on the book. The selection of hymns is very wide and varied, with many I know well and some that are not familiar to me. The Bible study and personal reflection questions are very insightful and geared to make the reader truly think and study, instead of just quickly reading and moving on.

 It is different from most devotionals in that way. Most have the thoughts of the author or authors, whereas this one has the reader come up with their own thoughts.

I found the book to be very well done, and a useful tool to use. It helps draw insight from hymns, and also brings the old hymns back to mind.

 Classic Hymns is available from Broadman and Holman Publishing.

Thanks to Broadman and Holman for the review copy.