Thursday, January 4, 2018

My top favorite books of 2017

I read a total of 122 books this year, coming in 3 books short of my goal of 125. This is my list in no particular order (well most are in the order I read them)  of my top favorites. There are some in a couple of series that I grouped together. And I read a lot of great books besides these:

1) A Life Intercepted by Charles Martin

2) Finding Riley by Dan Walsh

3) In The Shadow of Denali by Kimberly Woodhouse & Tracie Peterson

4) Sanctuary Forever by Lisa Phllips

5) Justice Delayed and Justice Buried by Patricia Bradley

6) Murder Is No Accident by Ann Gabhart

7) Without Warning by Joel Rosenberg

8) Weaver's Needle by Robin Carroll

9) Water From My Heart by Charles Martin

10) Artifacts of Conspiracy by Dony Jay

11) Ryan's Father by June Foster

12) Beneath Copper Falls by Colleen Coble

13) Every Deadly Kiss by Steven James

14) Chasing Secrets by Lynette Eason

15) The Legacy by Michael Phllips

16) Crown of Souls by Ronie Kendig

17) Imperfect Justice by Cara Putman

18) Priority Unit, Fort Point, and Found Art by Susan Page Davis

19) Still Life & Blind Spot by Dani Pettrey