Monday, February 27, 2017

In His Image, A Mother's Reflection on Homosexuality by Carol Nesbitt

  ** I normally post a description of the book, but I cannot find one anywhere, so I will just say it is a book written by the mother of a gay son as she comes to terms with his being gay.

  My review:

Lest I be accused of being homophobic or anti-gay, let me say up front I have had same-sex attractions as far back as I can remember. I know how difficult it is. I know how unfair it seems to not be allowed to give into those desires and attractions......believe me, I get it. Now onto my review:

  I usually try to be as nice as I can when I don't like a book I review. I strive to be honest, but say what needs to be said in as nice of a way as possible. I may not be able to do that with this book.

First, the writing:

 The book is written in a rambling style that sounds like someone's amateur diary. There is way too much information given about other family members, and the issue of her son's sexuality takes up so little of the book, it could be cut in at least half to tell that part.

Second: anti-Biblical views

  Since there was little information about the book, I didn't know the author's views on the issue of homosexuality. Since a Christian publisher was offering it for review, I assumed the book was from a Biblical standpoint....... and how wrong I was.

 The author tells at how she was horrified at first to learn her son was gay, but then came to accept it. It took awhile before she blatantly disagreed with the Bible. Not only does she feel God made him gay and is OK with him being gay - as in having sex with other guys - she went through every passage in the Bible that condemns homosexuality, and very poorly refutes it. She shows her lack of Biblical knowledge by her desperate attempts to make her son's sexuality OK with God.

 I'll be honest: I didn't finish the book. I got about 75% of the way through it, and that is when she started contradicting the Bible, twisting Scripture, and tossing out what is inconvenient. I admire her love for her son, but true love doesn't pat people on the back and tell them the Bible is wrong about their sin. True love tells the truth and points those held captive even by homosexuality to the God who can set them free.

 Do not buy this book. It is completely against the Bible.