Friday, January 6, 2017

Buried Memories by Carol J Post

Book description:

After her broken engagement, Nicki Jackson hoped her move to Cedar Key would give her a fresh start, but instead she quickly learns someone's out to destroy her. Are the attacks tied to her mother's recently reopened murder case or to the nightmares Nicki's beginning to suspect are actually hidden memories? With the threats against her escalating, former soldier Tyler Brant vows to keep Nicki safe. He refuses to lose the woman who's swiftly becoming more than a childhood crush. But when danger circles closer, is Nicki's traumatic past better left forgotten or are her memories the key to something far more sinister?

My review: 

  I rarely read books that are just romance, but back in November I reviewed one that sounded like something I would enjoy, and I did. It was a great read. The author emailed me since then and asked if I'd be interested in reviewing her new suspense novel coming the sky blue?

  Buried Memories is a novel published by Love Inspired Suspense, so yes.... there is romance, but when someone is trying to kill someone else, it makes  the romance more bearable. Just kidding...... kind of. I don't read a lot of books by this company, but I have never been disappointed by any I read, and this is one of the best I have read by Love Inspired.

The characters: Very likable, and though the main character of the book was Nikki, I liked  Tyler even better, her teenage years friend she hadn't seen in years, a man scarred inside and out from his time in the military. I loved the fact that Carol wrote a main character in her book dealing with PTSD, and that she gave readers a glimpse into what it is like dealing with that.

The plot: I would think it would be difficult to come up with an original suspense plot with so many suspense novels on the market, but Carol pulled it off. The setting and plot were great.

The suspense: I knew bad stuff was going to happen, but not what or when, and this was a very suspenseful read. Having the bad guy go after Nikki's friends added even more suspense and drama to an already great story.

  This was a book where the identity of the bad guy totally surprised me. I really did not see that coming. The story flowed in such a way, and was written in such a way that I was as surprised as the fictional characters in the book.

  The Christian element was well done, and many readers will be able to relate to Tyler's doubts about God and feeling like He doesn't answer prayer.

 And the romance... yeah, I enjoyed that part too and was hoping it would go the way I wanted, and was wanting to smack the two main characters at times.

 If you enjoy suspense, this is a must read. It has made me want to read the author's other books, especially the ones set in the same town.

 I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

About the author:

From medical secretary to court reporter to property manager to owner of a special events decorating company, Carol's resume reads as if she doesn't know what she wants to be when she grows up. But one thing that has remained constant through the years is her love for writing. She currently pens fun and fast-paced inspirational romance and romantic suspense stories. Her books have been nominated for a RITA® award and an RT Reviewers’ Choice Best Book Award.

Carol lives in sunshiny Central Florida with her husband, who is her own real-life hero, and writes her stories under the shade of the huge oaks in her yard. Besides writing, she works alongside her music minister husband singing and playing the piano. She enjoys sailing, hiking, camping—almost anything outdoors. Her two grown daughters and grandkids live too far away for her liking, so she now pours all that nurturing into taking care of a fat and sassy black cat and a highly spoiled dachshund.

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Thanks to the author for the review copy. I hope I did the book justice in my review.