Monday, August 8, 2016

God Made You Just Right by Jill Roman Lord, illustrated by Amy Wummer

Here is a message that every parent will want to share with his or her child: You're brilliantly created and there's no one else like you!? With easy-to-understand descriptions and simple, rhyming text, Jill Roman Lord shares the message that God created each of us in just the right way in a manner that even the youngest child will understand. Bright and engaging illustrations from Amy Wummer pair perfectly with the text and enhance the appeal of the book.

My review:

   This is a really cute book geared for younger children to help them see how special they are and what a good job did on making them. It is a board book 22 pages in length. The author goes over different part of the body and how God made them so they could be used for things like throwing the ball, making cookies, etc. Each page has great pictures done by illustrator Amy Wummer showing small kids doing the described activities.

  A lot of rhyme is used in the book to make it easier for kids to understand and read, and consists of short enough sentences to keep their attention. I think it is a great book to help with self esteem at a young age.

  This book was given to me in exchange for my honest review. 

About the author:

After winning her first writing contest in first grade with an essay called “Patrol Boys are my Friends," Jill couldn’t keep herself from writing. As she grew, she soon found that with every boy she liked, every new friendship formed, every break of her heart, she wrote a poem and forever stashed it away in her file called “Stuff I Wrote”. 

Eventually she tried to write “stuff” for publication. In fact, she received her first request from a publisher for a completed manuscript when she was 9 months pregnant with her third child. Jill literally finished tweaking the manuscript between contractions in the hospital! It paid off with the acceptance of the manuscript, publication of her first book, and a bouncing baby boy! 

She continued writing stories for children and over the next few years accumulated enough rejections to jam a file drawer. She has quit several times, cried puddles of tears on her back porch vowing never to write again, only to hear one of her children say, “You have to write, Mommy. You’re a writer.” 

With those words and eventually the nudge from a "squirrel" she became a committed writer and loves it despite the rejections. Her eleventh book, The First Easter, will be released in the spring of 2013 by Candy Cane Press. Also watch for a Thanksgiving Book coming out in 2013, as well! Check out her book page for other books she’s written. 

Jill received her Nursing Degree from the University of Missouri – Columbia, her Masters Degree from UNCC, and her Anesthesia Certification from Carolinas Medical Center School of Nurse Anesthesia. She works as a nurse anesthetist and absolutely loves this career, too. 

She lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband, three children and Golden Retriever. She enjoys running, hiking, golfing and cheering for her children in their sports and activities. 

God Made You Just Right is available from Worthy Publishing.

Thanks to Worthy for the review copy.