Friday, May 27, 2016

Lessons From the East by Bob Roberts Jr.

What if our western view of church isn’t God’s view of church?

That’s the disruptive question church planter Bob Roberts Jr. wrestled with while connecting with top global church planters and pastors. Over time, his global experiences convinced him western believers would benefit from:

taking our faith beyond Sunday to every dimension of life; shifting from a Christian worldview to a Jesus prism; and moving from religious leaders to disciple leaders. Lessons from the East invites you into the larger story God is telling around the world. It just may change your view of church and the global Christian community.

My review:

  I often feel we aren't doing church right here in America, and we American Christians are too self-centered in general, but especially in worship. Since I have had these thoughts, this book intrigued me.

 I'll say right up front I didn't agree with the author on everything he said, but he makes a lot of sense in this book. He is well traveled and has visited a lot of churches and church leaders across the globe. There are a lot of stories about how churches are growing and God is moving in churches across the world, and yet we seem so stagnant here and many churches are slowly dying.

 One can tend to blame our country, but as the author shows; it starts in the church. He packs a lot into this book, and there is much to be learned from churches in other countries: how they worship, how they do small or cell groups, how they grow churches, and even things like spiritual gifts... he leaves no stone un-turned.

 I am not a church leader, but I found the book helpful, convicting, inspiring, and very engaging. This would be a great book for our American churches to study and make some changes in how we do church.

  I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

   Lessons From the East is available from David C Cook Publishing.

Thanks to Handlebar for the review copy.