Monday, April 4, 2016

Struggle Central by Thomas Mark Zuniga

Struggle Central is a collection of “messy memoirs” from the quarter-life of blogger, Thomas Mark Zuniga. After an ideal upbringing in eastern Pennsylvania, he learned what it meant to struggle in northeast Georgia. Growing up in a perpetual Christian bubble, he confesses the ridicule he received at Christian schools and the isolation he experienced in churches across America. From fear to shame to closeted issues of sexuality, this book charts the struggles of a young introverted Christian trying to find his way in the world – and ultimately, the Church. It wasn't until a second cross-country relocation to southern California that he started finding what he’d long thought impossible.

My review:

   I ran across the author on, and when I saw he had a book, decided I needed to read it. Many parts of it were like reading my own story and experiences, though Thomas got his act together at a younger age than I did. The book is brutally honest and gives great insight into the same-sex attraction struggle and the struggle of one who has been bullied and the effects that can have.

  The book is very well written, and Thomas shows his struggles from a very young age up to where he is today. I found the book inspiring and encouraging, and is one that anyone can benefit from.

 About the author:

Thomas Mark Zuniga usually just goes by Tom. He is a twenty-something tutor, wanderer, and lifelong struggler currently residing in Orange County, California, but probably wandering elsewhere before too long. He blogs regularly about traveling and trials, faith and frivolity, and striving and strength. His writing has been featured on People of the Second Chance and other blogs. He is an avid runner and hopes to complete a marathon someday. He also longs to touch every continent and ride a camel and/or elephant. His favorite color is midnight blue, and his favorite struggle is incompetence. Struggle Central is his first book.

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