Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Thy Will Be Done: Sexual Orientation in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth by Kevin Frye

In this world of confusion and lies, it's hard to find clear answers to our questions about sexual orientation and attractions. Many people are afraid to ask and search for them.

"Am I gay?" "Can sexual orientation change?" "Does God accept people who have homosexual attractions?" These questions and more are asked by many people these days. In this world of confusion and lies, it's hard to find clear answers. Fear keeps us bound and repressed, afraid of even voicing our questions and searching for answers. When we find them, we often don't want to submit our own ways to accept them. But God wants all of us to come into the light and be known, to find the Truth, and be set free. This book is a story of one man's journey out of darkness and into that light and the lessons he learned along the way.

My review:

  My best friend got this book and was telling me that I needed to read it. Though I was a bit familiar with the author from reading his articles on the website he writes for, I don't like e-books.... and it is only available in e-book. However, it sounded so good, I decided to buy it.

  Over the years, I have read many books on the issue of same-sex attraction/homosexuality. This has to be the best one I have read on that subject. The author is very honest and open about his own struggles, and what it took to get past them.

  More so than most books on this subject, Kevin gets down at the root of the problem and gives some great insight into what might be holding those back who are struggling with same-sex attractions. He brought up things I had never considered or looked at, and I found his story and thoughts encouraging and helpful.

  I highly recommend it to anyone dealing with same-sex attraction, family and friends of those who struggle, or to anyone wanting to understand this struggle a little more.

About the author (from his bio):

I'm a writer. I write blog posts (obviously) and I've written one E-book which I self published called "Thy Will Be Done -- Sexual Orientation in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth." I don't claim that it's particularly well-written, but I feel it needed to be written nonetheless. I'm currently working on another E-book. I have not lived in America since June, 2010. I have a passion for teenage guys and young men, to reach them with the gospel, to teach them, and to disciple them and help them become God's kind of men.

From: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.
Current location: Nara, Japan.
Age: Thirties.
Family status: Married. Father of three.
Occupation: Teacher -- EFL (English as a Foreign Language).

Kevin's book is only available at Smashwords as an e-book.

Check out the website Kevin writes for, and his Facebook page.