Friday, November 13, 2015

Christmas Time, It's All About Jesus

Since Christmas is such a captivating time of year, it's the perfect setting for telling children about the miracle of the Lord Jesus Christ's birth. Using selected passages from the first chapters of the gospels of Matthew and Luke, Christmas Time - It's All About Jesus tells the story of Jesus' birth in a delightfully poetic and child-like way. The sensational illustrations create an unforgettable image, so a child can always remember the true meaning of Christmas. As an added bonus, Pastor Russ and Sue have developed devotionals to be used by families to enrich their Christmas celebrations. These are complete with attributes and names of Jesus, questions for discussion, and activities to do as a family to share Christ with those around them. Coupled together, this story and devotionals will enhance your celebration of Christmas during the season and all year long!

My review:
   This is a delightful book to help explain the real meaning of Christmas to young children. The author tells the Christmas story from the Bible accompanied by some great illustrations, all on a level that little children can understand. The last few pages of the book contain six Christmas devotions for children, and the book ends with an invitation to accept Jesus as their Savior. The story itself is told in rhyme, making it even easier for kids to understand and remember.

  There are a lot of Christmas books on the market for children, and many tell the true meaning of Christmas, but not many do it with the simplicity and plainness of this book. The author and illustrator have come up with a great book that kids should enjoy for years to come. It is  quick and easy read, and the devotionals are also very well written.

About the author:

Sue Murray Barksdale has been a pastor's wife, mom, and educator for over 30 years. She and her husband Russ live in Arlington, Texas, where Russ pastors the multi-site The Church on Rush Creek, a multi-site church. Sue has a BS in Elementary Education from The University of Houston and enjoys teaching at a public charter school in their neighborhood. Russ and Sue consider their relationship with their grown children and spouses and their six beautiful grandchildren as one of the greatest blessings in life! Their desire to leave a legacy of Christ-centered lives motivated them to write this book for their own family and all the children in their sphere of influence. This is Sue's second book, her first being G.I.F.T.S.: A Prayer Book for Kids and Those Who Love Them.


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