Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Bible: The Easter Story And All of Us by Roma Downney and Mark Burnett

From the Last Supper in the upper room to the celebration of finding an empty tomb, this beautiful full color book chronicles the journey of Christ's death and resurrection in a way the Easter story has never before been "told." Containing extraordinary images from the Emmy-nominated TV series watched by over 100 million people, The Bible, A STORY OF EASTER AND ALL OF US is a book that will take a deserved place among the finest celebrations of Easter.

My review:
   I have mixed feelings about this book. In appearance, it is a very nice coffee table type book. It is filled with photographs from The Bible mini series. It isn't as short of a book as I was expecting, coming in at 127 pages. It starts out with the Triumphal entry, and goes on through Jesus' ascension.

The writing style is one I am not fond of: present tense. Instead of saying Jesus rode a donkey, it says Jesus rides in on a donkey, for example. Maybe it is just a personal preference, but it seems to be a stilted style of writing instead of the typical writing style.

 I was also bothered by how they departed from some Bible events, as they did in the mini series. The book is said to be a companion to the mini series, so I assume they are the same in these things. In the book, they have Nicodemus coming to Jesus by night the same week Jesus was crucified, while in the Bible it was way earlier in Jesus' ministry. Another example is Jesus showing Thomas His wounds.... that was done totally different than how the Bible relates.

 In my opinion, the book was still worth reading, especially as we are getting closer to Easter. If you liked the mini series, you will enjoy this book.

About the authors:

Roma Downey - A multiple Golden Globe and Emmy nominated actress, Roma starred for almost a decade as the angel "Monica" in the hit CBS television series, Touched By An Angel. She is also producer of the children's DVD and book series "Little Angels" and its companion Little Angels Storybook Bible.

Mark Burnett - Multiple Emmy Award winning producer of some of the biggest prime time network television shows in history including Survivor, The Apprentice, Shark Tank and The Voice. Has produced over 2,000 hours of American prime time programming airing in over 70 countries.
This husband and wife duo recently collaborated for their most ambitious project to date: producing together a ten hour global television mini-series titled The Bible.

The Bible: The Easter Story And All of Us is available from Faith Words, part of Hatette Publishing Group.


Jan Hall said...

We always attend church on easter. I am learning to make sugar eggs. Once they are molded they are put together and then decorated on top with decorator frosting. Then they are filled with easter grass and candy plus a few small plastic crosses. They can be eaten or saved forever.

Amy C said...

We always go to my Mom's house to eat a late lunch. She's the best cook!
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