Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Shadows of the Past by Patricia Bradley

While she's stalking the truth . . . someone is stalking her.
Psychology professor and criminal profiler Taylor Martin prides herself on being able to solve any crime, except the one she wants most desperately to solve--the disappearance of her father twenty years ago. When she finally has a lead on his whereabouts, Taylor returns home to Logan Point, Mississippi, to investigate. But as she works to uncover the truth, someone else will do almost anything to keep her from it.

Nick Sinclair pens mystery novels for a living, but the biggest mystery to him is how he can ever get over the death of his wife--a tragedy he believes he could have prevented. Now that his estranged brother is the only family he has left, Nick sets out to find him. But when he crosses paths with Taylor, all he seems to find is trouble.

Join the chase as Taylor and Nick search the murky shadows of the past for the keys to unlocking the present--and moving into a future they never imagined.

My review: 
   My favorite genre' to read is Christian suspense. There are a lot more authors writing it than there used to be, but still not enough of it for me, so I am always happy to see a new suspense author come along such as this one.

  This is the first book in the Logan Point Series, and is Patricia's first full length novel. For a debut novel, it is a great one. I liked everything about the book: plot, setting, characters, content, and suspense. The book is not what I would call preachy, but has a great Christian message in it. As is the case with books like this one, I had a hard time putting it down and did read it in one sitting, and enjoyed every minute of it.

 I did figure out who the bad guys most likely were before the book revealed them, but that in no means ruined the book for me.

  If Patricia keeps up with this kind of writing, she will not only be an author to keep up with, but she will hold her own with the more seasoned suspense authors. I highly recommend Shadows of the Past.

About the author:

Patricia Bradley's manuscript for Shadows of the Past was a finalist for the 2012 Genesis Award, winner of a 2012 Daphne du Maurier award (1st place, Inspirational), and winner of a 2012 Touched by Love award (1st place, Contemporary). She is a published short story writer and is cofounder of Aiming for Healthy Families, Inc. When she's not writing or speaking, she can be found making beautiful clay pots and jewelry. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Romance Writers of America and makes her home in Mississippi. Learn more at www.ptbradley.com.

Shadows of the Past is available from Revell Publishing, part of the Baker Book House Publishing group.

Thanks to Revell for the review copy.


Carole Jarvis said...

So glad to know your thoughts, Mark, because I elected to review this one even though I'm not a suspense fan. I may have to skim past some scary parts, but I really like it so far.