Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Death of a Modern Superhero by Chris Lautsbaugh

Have you ever felt like you were just not good enough for God?

We are told we must be a good Christian, a loving spouse, a caring and involved parent, active in your community, and so much more.  Can we ever make it? When are we good enough? Do we feel like we cannot succeed in this life unless we are a superhero with superpowers?

Grace takes these expectations of culture and society and turns them upside down.  God gives us gifts at salvation that tell us we do measure up to God’s standard.  We are pleasing to Him.  No longer do we strive and work to prove ourselves, only to collapse in frustration and failure.  now we can live in grace, bringing a new life of confidence and peace.

Death of the Modern SuperHero explores these dilemmas and give practical solutions to change our thinking to line up with the reality of God’s truth.  If you enjoy authors such as Philip Yancey, Jerry Bridges, and Brennan Manning; you will enjoy this book.

The book is currently being used in Bible schools, small groups, counseling ministries, seeker groups within JP Morgan Chase, and to disciple converts from other religions.

My review:
   First off, I won a copy of this book and am doing the review on my own.

   This book was actually published in 2011, but I don't remember ever running across it until I entered to win a copy in a Facebook group I am in. I was happy to win it, and it came today in the mail on my day off, so I decided to start reading it, as it is about one of my favorite topics: grace.

  I don't often read non-fiction books in one sitting. A good suspense novel, definitely. However, I did read this one in one sitting. Granted, it is only 200 pages, but it is still rare for me to read a non-fiction book in one sitting. So since I did, that must mean it was interesting and was one I didn't want to put down. Yes, and yes.

 I love the author's writing style. With the title being what it was, I wasn't surprised he has a humorous way of writing. I didn't agree with him on everything, as I am not a Calvinist, and he leans more that way, but he raised some interesting points and had some new things for me to think about in relation to God's grace.

 The book was an interesting read, and more importantly, a helpful read. I found myself crying at different times while reading as the message of God's grace was opened to me in a different way. He answered a lot of questions I have, and I could see myself in the wrong views he mentioned. God has helped me a lot, and has been using books like these to help me get a better grasp on grace, and that I don't have to do more to measure up to God.

  Every year I make a list of the top books I read for the year. This year has just begun, but I have a feeling this book will be on my list of the best books I read for 2014 when I make it in December.

  If you struggle to believe God really loves you and question His grace, this book is for you. If you have a rule oriented religion, this book is for you. And if you just need a refresher course on God's grace, this book is for you. I highly recommend it, and believe God will use it to help me even more than He already has.

About the author:

Chris has been in ministry and missions for over twenty years, teaching and ministering in over 35
countries. He is currently living and serving in South Africa with Youth With a Mission. He has spent years training student from around the world in discipleship and Biblical training as they prepare to be missionaries.

As a young man, God led him to a Bible school where they studied every single book of the Bible, book by book. The only school that does this, he was captivated by how much God saturated His story and people with His grace. This never left Chris, as he personally wrestled with it in his own life.

Being personally transformed by God’s overwhelming Grace, he began to communicate it to others like him. This is his life’s calling. Whether you seemingly “have it together” or feel like a mess, Chris communicates Grace in a way that makes every one who hears, desperate in the same way. Desperate for a Grace that is real and liberating.

Together with his wife Lindsey, and two sons, Garett and Thabo, they formed Project Grace. This is a non profit ministry designed to help train and equip African nationals to reach into the world. He has also published a series of 24 discipleship devotionals in La Biblia del Discipulado (The Discipleship Bible).

His first book, Death of the Modern Superhero:How Grace Breaks our Rules was first published in 2011.

Chris enjoys coffee, sports, and exploring new corners of the globe. He lives in Cape Town, South Africa with his wife and two sons. You can follow him and this book on the Facebook group “NoSuperHeroes” or on Twitter.

Check out his websites:
No Superheroes