Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Walk One Winter Night by Al Andrews

WINNING ARTIST’S NEW CHRISTMAS SONG Two Christian music veterans unite to bring audiences a “real Christmas story”
NASHVILLE, Tenn., July 23rd, 2013—Prominent counselor to many artists and acclaimed inspirational speaker Al Andrews recently signed on with The Worthy Publishing Group to publish his latest title, A Walk One Winter Night: A Christmas Story (Freeman Smith, September 2013) based on a poignant holiday experience. Burnt out on the hustle, bustle, and expectations the holidays can bring, Andrews took a late night stroll and wound up rediscovering his real passion and the true meaning behind the Christmas season. This simple message has spoken to the heart of audiences, and will help readers rediscover the joy of wonder and what is real in the season.
Al sent his initial draft to a few trusted friends in the music business in order to get early feedback. As the written word so often does, the book struck a major chord with Dove-award winning recording artist and GMA female vocalist of the year, Nichole Nordeman. "Every once in awhile you come across a story that helps you tell your own,” said Nordeman,“From the very first page of A Walk One Winter Night, I recognized that the characters around the manger had become distant and no longer dear. Icons, not the fragile and weary souls they were. In this beautiful story, I saw them differently, maybe for the first time ever. And they jumped off the page and right into the music of my heart. ‘Real’ is a song that's deeply personal for me. I hope it captures the same wonder of the beautiful book that inspired it."
Nordeman will be performing “Real” throughout the fall tour of The Story, alongside artists Casting Crowns, Steven Curtis Chapman, Natalie Grant, Matthew West, Selah, and Rawsrvnt. Tour dates and ticket information can be found at “Real” will also be featured on Capitol Christian Music Group’s album WOW Christmas, available nationwide in October.
My review:
   This isn't a long book, and is more of a gift book with a lot of pictures, and some pages having just a sentence or two, but its a great book to read at this time of the year.
  The book came about as a result of the author taking a walk one winter evening. He stopped at an outdoor nativity scene and as he gazed on the scene, realized how unlike the real nativity characters are modern imitations are. He proceeds to give a better idea how different they are by way of imaginary conversations with the nativity figures.
  Its a neat book, and has a great message. We tend to lose the idea and focus of what the first Christmas was really like, and it was far from what our nativity sets we put up each year, not that I am criticizing that..... mine is my favorite Christmas decoration.
  This book won't take anyone long to read and is a great reminder as we enter the Christmas season, of what its all really about.
About the author:

Al Andrews is a counselor, author, and speaker. He is the director of Porter’s Call, a non-profit offering counsel, support, and encouragement to recording artists and their families. He is founder of Improbable Philanthropy, a charity that aids children in crisis through the sale of his children’s book, The Boy, the Kite, and the Wind. To learn more about Al Andrew’s visit; follow his daily journey on Twitter @itsalandrews.
A Walk One Winter Night is available from Worthy Publishing.
Thanks to Worthy for the review copy.
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