Saturday, July 20, 2013

Frame 232 by Wil Mara

The time had come, she decided, to rid herself of this burden, to take the steps necessary to put the matter to rest once and for all. And the first step, she knew—against every instinct and desire—was to watch that film.

During the reading of her mother’s will, Sheila Baker discovers that she has inherited everything her parents ever possessed, including their secrets. A mysterious safe-deposit box key leads her to the answers to one of history’s greatest conspiracies: Who killed John F. Kennedy? Not only does she have the missing film, revealing her mother as the infamous babushka lady, but she has proof that there was more than one shooter.

On the run from people who would stop at nothing to keep secrets buried, Sheila turns to billionaire sleuth Jason Hammond for help. Having lost his own family in a tragic plane crash, Jason knows a thing or two about running from the past. With a target on their backs and time running out, can Jason finally uncover the truth behind the crime that shook a generation—or will he and Sheila become its final victims?

My review:
   This book popped up for review a while back from Tyndale, but they also had one of my favorite author's books available for review, so I picked it instead. I was going to buy this one, as it sounded so good, but it was a hardback and I didn't want to try a new author on hardback prices. It just came out in paperback, so I bought it and read it this past week.

  I wasn't alive when Kennedy was president, but have heard a lot and read a lot about his assassination  and heard the conspiracy theories. I've never paid much attention, but the book sounded so good, I decided to give it a shot. I was not disappointed. This book is action-packed with a lot of suspense, bad guys, drama, and a lot of historical stuff. When I am reading a book such as this and names and events are discussed that could be factual, I often google things, and I did with this book and found out a lot of things to do with the assassination that I didn't know, such as the Babushka Lady and deaths of different people I had never heard of.

  The book is set in modern day with a couple investigating the events due to some footage caught on a movie reel. I really liked the main characters, one of whom is going to be in future books, and though I didn't know a lot about the assassination conspiracy theories, I learned a lot about it while reading a great suspense novel. Ironically, the author believes there was only one gunman, but after reading the book, I have to admit I am in the camp of those who believe otherwise. Regardless of which view you hold, this is an awesome suspense novel that deals with the Kennedy assassination with one possibility of what happened.

About the author:

Wil Mara has been publishing books for the last 25 years. He began with nonfiction for school libraries, moved into children's fiction by ghostwriting five of the popular ‘Boxcar Children Mysteries,' then into adult fiction with his 2005 disaster thriller, Wave, which won the New Jersey Notable Book Award. The next disaster novel, The Gemini Virus, was released in October 2012 to rave reviews by critics and public alike. Wil also spent 20 years as an editor, working for Harcourt-Brace, Prentice Hall, and others. For more information, visit Wil at

Frame 232 is available from Tyndale House Publishers.
Read the prologue here.