Thursday, July 5, 2012

2 Seconds Late by Eric Wilson

Natalie Flynn, a minor character in 1 Step Away, takes the lead role. After a chance encounter at a Nashville book festival, she starts dating a suave, young politician, Reuben Black. Natalie has no idea Reuben is friends with some very dangerous people. These friends deal in information, and knowledge is their form of gold. Recent technological advances have allowed for widespread use of RFID tagging (radio-frequency ID), and Reuben's friends are growing richer by the day. To do so, though, they are endangering the lives of society's mentally and financially destitute. 2 Seconds Late is a tale of modern characters faced with ethical and life-altering decisions. Natalie, in some parallels to the biblical story of Esther, has been positioned for "such a time as this," but every second counts, and already she may be too late.

My review:
This is a sequel to 1 Step Away, which I'd recommend reading first.

2 Seconds Late is a suspense book that explores the idea of people being inplanted with a micro-chip so that they can be tracked. The whole idea is scary, and in the book, Eric shows through a fictional story, the dangers of it, and how it could be misused.

The first book in the series was a modern day retelling of the story of Job in the Bible. This book is supposed to hold some paralells of the story of Esther, which though not as visible as in the first book, still make a great and entertaining story. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Wilson has come up with a teriffic plot and characters, and it kept my attention until I had reached the end. I am definitely looking forward to the next book in the series.

I have read several of Eric Wilson's books, but in my opinion, these two books are his best so far.

About the author:

Eric Wilson is a NY Times best-selling author. He has traveled in 35 countries, earned a degree in theology, and spent over 21 years married to his sweetheart. 2 Seconds Late is his twelfth novel. His novelization of the hit film Fireproof won a Gold Medallion Award for best Christian fiction of the year. Eric has written articles for numerous magazines and reviewed hundreds of novels. He loves sports, chess, books, and the great outdoors.